Saturday, April 17, 2010

Squeeze Page Creation| Affiliate Squeeze Page

Everyone wants to creat and build targeted email lists.
Typically a squeeze page or feeder page is used to generate
interested subscribers.

If you are not creating a squeeze page to promote your
business, you are not alone.  

It is something that is overlooked by 99% of new marketers
online and even many larger companies, as well.

What are some reasons for creating email lists, beside the
fact that targeted email promotions convert as well if not
better than all other promoting efforts?

It Builds a Marketing Base of targeted leads
Allows you to be intimate with your customers and leads while
building a relationship with them.
Allows you to easily share valuable information
Gives you a platform to promote your products
Gives you a platform to promote other people's products

and finaly, it generates revenue and profits for years to come.

The question is, if your not a professional web designer, how
do you begin building squeeze pages and collecting valuable

I use and recommend Squeeze Theme!

Squeeze Theme is the easiest way to create squeeze pages
(email collection sites) that I have come across.

Squeeze Theme was built to both function as a customizable
blog theme and a squeeze page generation tool. Thanks to its
ability to automatically format your FORM code, Squeeze Theme
makes setting up dynamic squeeze pages and accompanying blogs

Squeeze Theme also comes with an incredible Resource Center,
including a step-by-step video tutorial guide, and a support
forum. If you match that with Squeeze Camp, the 12-week guide
to mastering Squeeze Theme and building your email list, you're
getting a TON of tools and resources.

You can literally set up new squeeze pages (email collection
sites) in less than 10 minutes.  You will be able to start
collecting emails within the first day of purchasing the theme!
Then, after you've taken the 12-week course, you will have
increased your knowledge and capabilities so that you can
MAXIMIZE the number of targeted emails you add to your lists!

Some of the top online money makers and businesses use Squeeze Pages
to collect emails. Need a list?

Let's see, who uses Squeeze Pages to collect emails...

- John Reese
- Frank Kern
- Rich Schefren
- John Chow
- Yaro Starak

The list goes on...

Now you can create original squeeze pages just like the top money
earners with Squeeze Theme for WordPress.

I highly recommend Squeeze them for email list building and collection.
Its easy and time saving yet you look like a Pro!

For more information on Squeeze Theme visit
or go to


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